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Since 1976, Ivyline has developed strong trading relationships with leading retailers, keeping ahead of the curve in design, quality, ethical standards and service. 


Whether you are a small start-up, retail shop, newly established online retailer, garden centre, retail store chain or a major multiple retailer we have a product, design service and packaging solution for you. Our products are designed with love in our UK studio specifically with our mission in mind. 


Over the last 40+ years, we have established a global network of audited factories that are dedicated to provide you with the inspired products you see today. Our personal relationships with the factory owners have forged an unbreakable bond. Our incredible agile supply chain ensures rapid delivery from our European partners as well as unique products from the Far East.

Our state of art fully automated warehouse operates tirelessly for you. Our dedicated dispatch team has the ability to deliver to your central depot or retail store within 4 working days and direct dispatch to the end user within 72 hours. We are passionate about delivering a frictionless experience.

Honesty, loyalty and integrity – Ivyline cares for you the whole way.




Meet our Head Office team

Scott Thomas


Making an early start to review the market and company goals, Scott has nailed productive mornings to bring the best to his team. 

Adding to the general good humour in the office, quiet is not his thing unless he’s analysing your personality!  

Scott loves to see his customers thriving, creating products

that wow and providing

service to take them to the

next level.

Humphrey Thomas


Keeping Ivyline compliant and profitable, Humphrey’s extensive knowledge of all areas of the business is vital to making sound financial decisions every day.  With a fondness for tweaking areas of operation to boost profitability, he approaches his role with a blend of caution and optimism.  Whilst conservative in forecasts, climbing Snowdon overnight is one of Humphrey’s more adventurous achievements!

Amanda Edwards


A rare combination - fun, bubbly, and loves spreadsheets!  

With two decades of experience

in business administration and accounting, Amanda

now makes each customers’ day brighter through her love of

helping people.  

If you have a chance to chat, no doubt she’ll share her latest

fun-filled story, or perhaps

fill you in about her recent

knitting projects!

Calvin Stacey


A born communicator, Calvin

loves nothing more than meeting new people and socialising with others, a natural fit for his role as Sales Process Executive. With a positive outlook on life and the desire to help others, he provides superb customer support and guidance.

When he’s not in the office,

you can be sure to find Calvin keeping active, listening to music,

or playing the bass guitar. 

Delwyn Cook


Passionate to a fault about Ivyline’s range of stunning products, Delwyn would love nothing more than to show you the latest range!  Combining a love of socialising and meeting new people, getting out and about to see clients and prospects comes in a close second to holidaying in exotic, photograph-worthy locations in his eyes.  If you need a quote or want to view the latest ‘fresh inspiration’ - you know who to call!

Harland Haughton 


Organised, efficient and dedicated - Harland is an obvious fit for the Ivyline crew.  

Words like focus, lists, prioritising and goals are what he throws around the office on a usual day - and it’s a good thing,

since it’s his job to ensure we have the stock you need,

when you want it.  

If Harland’s not at work, he’s likely at the gym -

working on another of his goals!

Iona Parry


A stellar communicator who loves helping others, Iona is a natural for her role as Development Assistant! With a love of lists, prioritising and ticking tasks off, she is always there to get things done, knuckling

down in uncharacteristic silence to tackle the more challenging aspects of her job.

Iona’s friendly natures ensures

she is never short of friends

and likes to get involved in fun activities!

Jen Balthazar


Jen is all organised efficiency as she powers through her tasks for each day, exceeding expectations and hitting deadlines!  Management accountancy is her forte, backed up with over 20 years of experience at the finance game.  Kind to a fault, Jen’s lovely family is her priority - two gorgeous girls, her husband and dogs.  She may not be what she seems though - find common ground and suddenly, you’ll find yourself chatting for hours!

Kiren Mann


An asset to the team, yet a high achiever in her own right, Kiren takes care of the financial aspects of the company with skill!  She has what it takes to create invoices, pay the bills and chase the creditors - being a reliable and hard-working member of the team.  If you hear some good laughs next time you’re in the office - follow the sound - chances are, it will lead you to Kiren catching up with a colleague!

    Marija Sakalauskaite


    With a love of all things visual, Marija is the formidable force behind Ivyline’s beautiful marketing & catalogues! Extremely punctual and efficient with a well-known desire to have tasks completed NOW, each weeks’ lengthy to-do list is tackled with a customary smile. P.S. Don’t be surprised if a very photogenic, teddy-like Chow-Chow appears in future campaigns!

    Ted is his name.

    Tony Joyce


    Got a question? Ask Tony!  At least, that’s what they say around the office! Tony is a long-term fixture at Ivyline, with a broad spectrum of experience across departments - from sales and marketing, to his current role in Supply Chain Management. This seems to be his forte, as he works his magic solving problems before they arise and ensuring product is where it needs to be, when it needs to be.  

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