‘Grow Your Own’ and create your very own herb garden

‘Grow Your Own’ and create your very own herb garden

As a hardy wild plant, herbs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes including trees, shrubs and even cacti! They are a fantastic plant to grow. Not only do they look good, but they also add a fresh scent, attract bees to your garden, and are of course edible too! Their many uses include flavouring your meals and drinks, medicinal/healing properties, perfumes and insect repellents.

Spring is the ideal time to begin planting herbs and creating your very own Herb Garden, most will thrive in garden environments and commonly like a combination of sun and shade throughout the day. If you’re planting outdoors, oregano, rosemary, thyme and sage all thrive in full-sun, while mint, coriander, parsley and rocket prefer partial shade. 

Growing your own herbs - what to grow

Start with soft herbs such as basil, coriander and mint, which you already buy in dried or fresh form, as these will have a huge impact on the flavour of your cooking when homegrown and fresh. Another tip is to grow herbs which are expensive to buy, this way you will reap the benefits of growing your own and enjoy caring for your plants even more, knowing that they are producing a tasty and cost-saving crop.

Basil is a great choice for flavouring Thai dishes and pasta sauces. This herb will stay fresh and of course, if the water and sunlight conditions are right, will regrow and provide plenty of crop. It’s well suited to indoor and outdoor herb gardens. If you find the herb is growing too quick, making homemade pesto is a great solution, as this can be frozen in ice cube trays and be ready to consume in a matter of minutes.

Coriander is another very versatile herb which lends itself to both indoor and outdoor herb gardens. Fresh coriander is extremely fragrant and perfect for curry recipes, sauces and fresh salads. After picking, you can expect your coriander to keep for around one week. A great tip is to pop the coriander in a jar of water in your fridge to help keep it fresh.

Any variety of mint is a brilliant ‘beginners’ herb as you will find it regrows quickly and thrives in most conditions. Fresh mint is perfect for summer cocktails, drinks, desserts and many other dishes. It also compliments basil well, and of course chocolate. Our top tip for keeping homegrown mint fresher for longer is to roll in a light damp towel and store in the fridge, in an airtight box. 

Woody herbs such as thyme, sage and rosemary, prefer hot, dry locations. Again, these can be situated indoors and out and will thrive during the spring and summer months. Rosemary, thyme and sage lend themselves well to flavouring field vegetables such as carrots, butternut squash and potatoes, and are perfect for flavouring savoury dishes year-round.

As most herbs are of Mediterranean origin ensure your choice of planter allows for sufficient drainage, water regularly and prune to promote thicker regrowth.

Choosing the perfect pot - we recommend these three premium planters

We recommend our stylish, hand finished Polyrattan range for creating a patio herb garden. Suitable for outdoor use, this the Polyrattan planter is both frost and rust resistant, lightweight and features handles for easy lifting. These planters also benefit from drainage which is extremely important for healthy herbs- if you don’t provide sufficient drainage, your herbs will drown. 

Another firm favourite is our Galvanised collection. The new premium range is made from an extremely durable galvanised metal and includes a 1-year warranty. All planters in the collection benefit from built-in drainage (essential for healthy herbs) and are both frost and rust resistant, UV stable and lightweight for easy repositioning. The Galvanised Iron Trough is a fantastic option for grouping multiple herbs together.  

Lastly, our rustic Kitchen Garden range of premium planters is perfect for herbs of all varieties. Available in a selection of sizes and styles to accommodate your choice of herbs, including hanging planters, our Turin pots are perfectly suited to outdoor use, as well as kitchen windowsill planting. This range is both rust and frost resistant, and UV stable, meaning your planter won’t crack or discolour with changing weather conditions, allowing you to enjoy its rustic country charm and fresh herbs year-round.

Top tip: if you are planting herbs indoors, remember to position your herbs on a South facing windowsill and water regularly. 

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